Dryer Ball

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These dryer balls are made from 100% wool, no chemicals, no fillers, hassle free of allergy and they are pretty green and a safe gift from nature.

100% Reusable natural wool dryer balls do great job on shortening drying time, reducing wrinkles, static cling, twisting, tangling, softening drying time, softening laundry, lint & pet hair! No repeat of cost for chemical fabric softener or dryer sheets, shorten drying time by 20-40% long last with 1000+ load and lifetime support.


· Handmade & high quality

· Reusable

· Natural and safe

· Energy saving

· Great gift

· Perfect for baby clothes or with sensitive skin


Put 3-4 pcs organic wool balls for small or medium load and for large 6 pcs

Learn More About Instruction To Use Dryer Ball Click here


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