Yak wool or yak fibre is commonly used to produce from the coat hair of yaks, a long-haired bovine mainly found in the Himalayan region. More over this fibre has started to be used as a garment industry to produce good quality –priced clothes as well as accessories and other essential items.

Yak wool has also shows similar properties like other animal fibers, including static resistance and breathability. It is warmth, order resistance, flexible, very comfortable and softness in nature. IT can be used in traditional way or as a fashion as to show its identification. Its natural color is dark brown or in black.

Woolseye sells products that are produce/manufactured from Nepalese yak wool. The items are handwoven by Nepalese people.

Product made of Yak wool:

In yak wool we have to distinguish between coarse and fine wool. The coarse topcoat is used for the production of heavy blankets, rope and tents, where as the fine under coat is used for outerwear, such as: sweaters, jackets, ponchos, hats, bedspreads, wool blankets, pillows etc.

Washing instructions:

To allow your garments function perfectly, the most important things to remember is that the material should be clean and has been properly maintained

·        Hand wash in warm water using a gentle laundry detergent

·        Rinse to stains

·        Lay the items flat on the drying rack to dry

·        Machine wash should be 20oc, or lower to maintain the shape and avoiding shrinkage


A gentle washing instruction is necessary for yak wool as it is a precious fibre that should not be washed too often or alternative solution is hanging the items in fresh air for some time. Some useful instructions you can consider if you want to wash it are down below:

·        Avoid direct sunlight when drying the scarf or shawl

·        Remove carefully any excess water

·        Don’t twist or wring the items

·        Use only drop of very mild soap

·        Separately Hand wash  it in cool water

·        Do not use a tumble dryer

·        Yak clothing does not have to be ironed

·        Use fiber conditioner to protect the fibre and reducing friction that causes pills.

From the experience, we can assume that if we treat the woolen items with care, it will last a life time. Although yak wool is very durable, it is still very lightweight. Be cautious, especially in the care of your yak wool products, because “wrong washing” can affect the wool.

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